Why You’ll Want to Start Using a Legal Case Management Software


Law Firm Case Management Software

When you hear the term legal case management software or law firm case management software, what comes to mind? If you answered case management then you are absolutely correct. Not only that but all matters concerning a law firm and its clients.

Unfortunately, not every law firm has made the change towards this very useful tool. But, as law firms catch on to this trend, they will be able to manage every case that they handle. So even though they know that a CMS would be a big benefit for their law firm, it can be complicated when choosing the right type to implement.

If you are still unsure about the true benefits of case management software, then it would behoove you to read on to know why you’ll want to start using a legal case management software program.

The Definition of Legal Case Management

Legal case management can be a complex term that can define many aspects of a law firm. In light of this, here are a few areas where law firm case management software can come in handy.

Time and billing
Case database
Calendaring and docketing
Time tracking
Contact management
Document assembling

What You Will Benefit From a CMS

Before your law firm purchases a CMS, you must first establish the potential benefits that your firm will receive. Not only that but will it add value to every case that your firm handles?

Deadlines Are Easily Managed
Handling deadlines can be a large task for law firms to handle. Having a law firm case management software will make it easier to handle all of your deadlines so an important date will never be missed. You will also love that many of the CMS options available will automatically add your inputted deadlines onto your calendar.

Client Files Will be Organized
Keeping all client files organized is one of the many fundamentals of law practice. Having your case filed organized gives easy access to task lists, case notes, deadlines, case descriptions, and contact information pertaining to all parties involved in a case in one central area.

Billing and Time Entries Are Automated
Certain CMS programs will automatically create billable time out of a calendared event. This saves you time and effort of having to write your billable time on paper to be inputted at a later time.

Communication is Coordinated
Having all of your case contacts in one place will make it easier for you to communicate when you need to. So say goodbye to searching through your email for an address or phone number of a client. A CMS will allow you to open a file and you have the information at your fingertips.

Easily Retrieve Important Documents
When organizing for a case, you usually have to gather important information from many sources. With a CMS, you will no longer have to pull email messages from your email account, briefs and pleading from your server’s folder, or rummage through the stack of transcripts you have. The CMS will ensure that all of these important case documents will be readily available for you.

They Are Internet Based
With the availability of the internet, you can easily obtain the perfect CMS that your firm requires. This allows you to access them from any computer that has internet access. You just visit the website to sign in and go about your business. This lets you take your work with you and even allows you to work from home if you need to. Having this advantage will make it easier if you are working on a case that requires you to travel.

Choosing The Right CMS Software
After deciding that a CMS would be perfect for your law firm, you need to choose one. If you are undecided on where to start, we have a few of the available options for CMS programs that you might want to look into.

Total Attorney
Rocket Matter
Abacus Law
Amicus Attorney
Credenza Pro
Legal Files

Once you look into these CMS programs you will notice that they each have different options. Some of them will offer more services for a law firm’s case management than similar programs. While others will provide better tasks that are more specific to your needs. This is why comparing each one will help benefit your firm’s needs.

With so many CMS programs available, it may feel overwhelming to know where you should actually start. Using sources from Washburn University and their school Of law online resources is a great place to start. You can even find excellent case management software information through the American Bar Association where they provide a chart that compares many different types of CMS based on their features.

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