Why You Want to Hire an Attorney Who is Good with Technology


How A Lawyer Experienced In Technology Can Benefit Your Case


It does not matter if the person is a Paralegal Specialist or a lawyer who graduated top of his class at Washburn University, you need technology on your side. We are living in a day and age where using either Legal Case Management Software or Law Firm Case Management Software is not good enough.

Think of both Legal Case Management Software and Law Firm Case Management Software as the difference between being book smart and street smart. There is only so much school and the Legal Case Management Software can teach you.

“You can only spend so much of your time in the bubble before you have to hit the streets and see how the real world works”.

Nick Curran: Thought you would have learned that at school?
Catherine Tramel: Only in theory.

–Basic Instinct, 1992

In today’s world, technology rules the roost. You need to get on board with this. You need to find legal representation who is also on board with this. Here are 3 main reasons.

1) The firm you firm has already spent enough time combing through mundane facts and information. This adds up to about 5-10 per week of unnecessary energy. You need a firm who is up with the time.

There is plenty of software programs, excluding the ones mentioned above, that can help your case out. These programs can streamline everything. There is something called a Differentiated Case Tracking Program. It goes over your case. It shows how much energy needs to be devoted to it. This program also shows all the necessary resources you will need to win the case.

Technology does make a difference

2) Many law firms conduct their business like a “legal practice”, not a business. This does not bode well for business or the clients. Clients like you make it possible for the firm to stay in business. They need to pay more attention to things like billing and customer service and satisfaction.

“Stop treating your clients like a number and treat them like a person”

Believe it or not, technology can help with this. The firm gets rid of all the “mundane and boring” stuff and can go back to concentrating on the client. Do live chats from your site. Stay in touch through emails. It is the little things like this that make such a huge difference. You want a firm who does all of this and more.

3) You need a firm who is using “knowledge as power”. This means they use analytics to stay on to of things. Legal firms need to get rid of all the unnecessary junk and keep all that is beneficial to their clients.

You also want a firm who is always striving to do better. This means they pay attention to their reviews. This means they pay attention to the complaints and work hard to resolve the issues. Technology plays a big part in conflict resolution.

Some good tools to use for this are:

Google Analytics–This is one of the most powerful and powerful tools you can use. The best part is that it is free.
Yelp--Customers always leave feedback here. Lawyers and their clients need to pay attention to this site.
Avvo– This is another review site for law firms and lawyers. This site is a good way to make sure you stay on track. Most of the reviews are unbiased and honest.
LawKick-Same thing here. Check this one out. Those who do not know about the other two use this one. You will see some pretty honest reviews here.

This list is just to get you started. There are others out there. Click here to see a complete list of software and programs.


Technology has been in force for the past 20 years. It is constantly being revolutionized. There is always something groundbreaking happening in the world of technology. You need to hire and work with a law firm who uses the best software and programs.

The 70’s are over. The 80’s are sadly over too. We are now in 2017. We need to embrace it and learn from what others have done in the past. We cannot go back. We can only go forward.

An Analogy

It is like having a car. Most of us do not need a car to get us to our destination. Owning one will make a world of difference though. Consider picking a law firm that has a car, not just a place that gets around mainly on foot.

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