How to Use Technology Even in Your Old Firm


Never Forget To Bill


Older law firms often have a standard billing system, then a separate system for keeping notes, recorded court dates and other items that fall within a case. While this may work it often is not enough and sometimes even billing items are left off. Since there is no central system to keep all the case information in one place for both lawyers and staff to have easy access.

Bringing the Older Law Firm into the Future


Technology has changed things for law firms because now they can take advantage of LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. This is software that has the ability to put all case information into it and in a way that makes it easy and fast. Plus appointments and fees will not be forgotten to be added to the invoice for the client. This billing is able to show the client a breakdown of the fees, which is often helpful so clients are assured they are being charged fairly.


The software is inclusive and may take some research to chose the right program for the law firm since there are different types and may almost require a School Of law Online Resources degree to chose one that will be perfect for the people in the office and the lawyers using the program. The programs available include names like:


  • CASEpeer
  • Needles
  • Zola Suite
  • Case Fleet

This is just a small sampling of the software available and this software is an automated fully inclusive program.

The Benefits of a CM System


The benefits of LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE are numerous. What every legal professional will find included in these software programs include:

  • Calendars that can be used for appointments and court dates.
  • Docketing programs
  • An e-billing system


The LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is able to integrate into the existing document management software or time and billing software. Everything is accessible through a centralized database that is flexible and has a search feature that includes conflicts of interest checking.


Program Feature Details


The LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE program will have a built in check for statutes of limitations. Contact management features that include tracks, logs emails, and other correspondence. It will store details about phone calls and callback reminders. The calendar and docketing include features that allow the legal staff to view tasks, appointments, and deadlines. The software program can calculate calendar dates and schedule appointments or meetings. Meetings can be viewed by day, week, month or year.


Time and billing is a crucial part of the daily running of a law firm and the LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE can track billable time and then generate client invoices. Reports are created that tracks time and it can be linked with accounting and time tracking software programs. The reports can be created for individual lawyers as billing attorneys and now they can be synchronized with handheld devices. This makes it simple for a lawyer to add or access the data from any location.


Learning to Use Legal Management Software


The management software is technology that was not always available to law firms, but now that it is colleges are offering courses to learn about its use. Harvard Law School Case Management is a topic in some of the courses offered that help students learn about the advantages of using this kind of software program. Since the time and case management is beneficial to lawyers and law firms for effortless data input and client billing. As the technology advances to use of handheld devices and using a cloud the classes become more inclusive. Cloud use can be essential for a law firm to keep the data safe from computer crashes or updating law firm computer systems. In order to keep up on technology changes in software and to manage law firms both large and small some colleges now have an ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT. After receiving this diploma the students are prepared to efficiently use the management software to its fullest and be able to understand technology advances as they get added to this kind of software.


Law firm staff members and lawyers with this kind of education in LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE will have the benefit of keeping a database without errors or forgotten time or fees in client’s cases. It will also provide clear invoices for clients without being time-consuming and that will build trust with the person using the law firm’s services. Essentially this can add to the law firm’s client list by word of mouth since clients know invoices are clear and concise.


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