How to Use Social Media to Appeal to New Legal Clients


Tips to Legally Use Social Media for Your Firm

Social media is a great way to appeal to new clients. You need to be sure that you are adhering to all rules and regulations as determined by the Director of State Courts. However, there are many opportunities for you to reach new clients using Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Determine Your Audience

It’s of the utmost importance that you identify your audience. The type of law that you offer will help to determine some of this. However, you also need to look at the type of people you typically work with. When you have legal case management software, you can look at common transactions and look through past clients to be able to create an ideal client persona.

You should be able to identify several details about your target audience:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Income level
  • Hobbies

When you know more about who your target audience is, you can create more appropriate marketing messages inside of social media. You will also know which platform to use. For example, Facebook is for the 30+ age group, Twitter is for business-savvy individuals, while Instagram is typically a younger demographic.

Inform, Educate, or Entertain

In your effort to appeal to new legal clients, you have to look at your legal services corporation. What do you offer? What do you want to promote? Once you can answer these, you can decide whether you want to inform, educate, or entertain people with your social media posts.

Informing people will involve talking about your legal services, why people need them, and even providing some statistics. Educating people will involve teaching people about what it is that you do and why they need to use a lawyer. Entertaining will involve trying to get a reaction out of them, such as a laugh.

Regardless of whether you choose to inform, educate, or entertain, your goal is to elicit a response. You want them to take action after seeing what you have shared on social media.

How to Use Social Media Effectively

Marketing is amongst the essentials for the law office. You will have law firm case management software along with a presence on social media. There are several ways to use social media effectively.

The first way you want to use social media is to have profiles. You might have a business account on Twitter and a Facebook page that is dedicated to your law office. Within these accounts/pages, you will post periodically. You should have a full profile written up to talk about who you are and what you do. It should also include links to your website so people can learn more about you.

Your website will talk about all that you do, including your use of legal case management software. People can contact you from your website. Social media is simply another way to tell people who you are and draw them over to your website. They will know more about you and when they ultimately need legal service management , they will remember you.

You can also choose to create Facebook Ads. These will allow you to target people who either like your page or who meet specific criteria that you identify. Such criteria can include a specific gender and age group of people who are within a five or 10-mile radius of your practice. By doing an ad, you can promote your practice and begin appealing to new legal clients.

It’s important to use social media to find new clients and engage with the ones you already have. You might already use law firm case management software to help you manage your cases. Now you have to focus on the “people” aspect of it all.

You have access to a lot of tools. Just as you use legal case management software to tell you about your cases, you can use social media as a way of introducing your practice to more people inside your community.

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