How small law firms can compete with larger firms



Competition: the name of the game

No one could argue we live in a highly competitive society. Keeping up with the competition is essentially what business is all about. Most people would say that a large business has many advantages over a small business.

When it comes to the legal profession there are ways in which a small legal firm can compete with the larger legal firms. One way to gain a competitive advantage within the market is by implementing the use Law Firm Case Management Software.


Legal Management Software Examined

Law Firm Case Management Software is sold by a number of companies. This advanced software can be purchased quite easily on line and free trial offers are available. Law Firm Case Management Software can help a practice:


  • Run more efficiently.
  • Improve Organization.
  • Improve Billing & Invoicing Techniques.

Law Firm Case Management Software can provide a variety of useful benefits including

  • Keeping client memos and documents in order.
  • Update Client Information Regularly.
  • Access email programs with little effort.


Legal Case Management Software is another kind of software that will help firms gain a competitive advantage over a larger firm. Legal Case Management Software will help

  • Increase productivity level.
  • Improve efficiency of Automated Tasks.
  • Greatly improve in house accounting procedures.
  • Create Professional Invoices.


Many legal management solution software packages implement the use of Quick-Books. Quick-Books is widely used for checking client balances and creating new and easier to understand billing invoices. Much of the legal software can now be accessed:

  • Through an iPhone.
  • Smart Phone/ or Tablet.


Additional benefits that software such as this provides to users includes

  • Sending secured messages over a client portal.
  • Tracking client trust balances.


Legal management solution software can certainly help legal professionals gain a competitive advantage within the legal community. Software of this kind is always improving and new features are constantly being added.

South Dakota Odyssey Case Management is quite helpful to the legal community. This case management system supplies helpful information such as

  • Court calendars and events.
  • Public computer updates.
  • Information on E- Filing guidelines.


South Dakota Case Management includes drug court, small claims as well as the Supreme court. Therefore, a variety of updated information can normally be obtained on the various courts listed. File and serve timeline information is also available to the public.


*Higher Education: Useful Online Resources:

The University of Georgia is what they call a land grant and sea grant type University. It offers a decent undergraduate education in a variety of specialized fields. The University has a long and colorful history dating back to the late 1700’s. In addition, The University also has a fine law school which offers graduate degrees in law.


The School of law Online resources can help you manage your academic career on line. Resources such as these can help keep you informed about issues concerning:

  • class registration, deadlines.
  • Tuition fees and class schedules.


This is an excellent resource for the law student. Resources such as these are widely available and the serve a useful purpose. Information resources such as this are being updated on a regular basis so that only current information and services are available.

Finally, there are ways in which smaller business organizations can compete with the larger organizations. Gaining a competitive advantage is what helps corporations as well as businesses get a head in this very difficult and competitive world.

A small legal firm can certainly compete with a large firm. Case Management software may help you compete in a more organized and modern fashion. Software of this nature is certainly a worthwhile investment for a legal professional. The long term benefits this software can provide can be quite remarkable to say the least.


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