The Predicted Technological Future of Legal Practice


The Future Of Law Firms Will Be Dependent on Software and Cost Minimization

The legal industry is evolving at a faster and faster rate. You want to learn as much as possible, as efficiently as possible. You also want to know what solutions and case studies you can look at and how you can adapt in the future This article will give you exactly that.

Let’s dive in.


The firm of the future will require more and more CRM and document manageability.

Some newer and smaller firms have even exceeded the capacity of larger firms by working with third parties like IT firms that they’ve partnered with. If you want to stay relevant, you not only need to be a subject matter expert but also do your work more efficiently while minimizing costs.

How do you do this?

LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE. Some of the more popular software in this category would be:

*MyCase—A web-based application that streamlines workflow by offering an intuitive management system for case and matter filing, automated tasks and calendaring, and contact management. Secondly, billing. Tracking time and expenses, legal invoice creation, client payment options like e-checks and credit cards can be supported. MyCase offers financial performance reports as well. Then there’s ease of life improvements like unlimited document uploading, template creation, and secure sharing, and a secure client communication portable with 100% uptime. Excellent for firms with high expectations for LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, aimed at larger firms like the New York City Law Department, employing over 800 lawyers and 690 support professionals.

*YouWinLaw—Legal Case/Matter arrangement
Despite its complex looking interface, it’s rather intuitive to use. Easily create and assemble documents and emails and integrate with MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It also features CRM functionality: All contact and matter info is at your fingertips, and convenient expense capturing and billing.

While it’s a bit more simplistic than MyCase, it offers a distinct pricing advantage and there’s a free version available for solo pros. A firm-grade version is available for a one time fee.

Aside from LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, you need to be more PR Savvy to compete in the future of law.

Take a look at the Florida State University Law Practice. They’re an example of the type of PR and marketing. In predicting what law firms will look like in fifty years, Fred Rivera, managing partner of the Seattle branch of Perkins Cole LLP, imagines firms locating offices shooting malls and places with sightseeing value, as well as incorporating other services like business advising and counseling.

Firms will also become hybridized between two related professions like accounting and law, and the presence of virtual firms with no physical law office will become prominent. How does Florida State University do this?

They’ve adapted and experimented with thought leaders’ ideas:

They provide alternative services and know how to interact with the public to prop a good image. By being located just one block from the Florida State Capitol, they’ve distinguished themselves from the typical clinic. Then there’s the fact that, being a university, they’re going to do whatever it takes to get your attention with strong SEO and content quality—both on the web and inside the legal world itself.

LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is a part of the future of law practices.

Similar to FSU is Tennessee State Courts. Governments have it in their interest to be as efficient as possible in information management, called TnCIS. This is essentially a government-grade software that consolidates everything a court and legal department would need into one UI and one database.

Software and cloud based solutions are becoming more and more important in the legal industry today. Those who practice traditional management systems will be edged out. There’s a saying that no one’s vision of the future becomes more outdated than your own. That’s why more and more firms are partnering with IT and marketing organizations to iron out new strategies to cope with the ever changing ecosystem of law, like Konica Minolta. KM is a workflow, IT and strategy firm focused specifically for law firms that want to improve efficiency and client relationships.

Get started today and research opportunities for advancement.

Reach out to IT and marketing planners for inspiration on where to take your firm next. Also, consider different pricing models for increased transparency with the consumer. We live in an age where expectations are high and people want to know how their fees are working for them.

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