How Organization will Boost Your Client’s Trust and Honesty


How Organization will Boost Your Client’s Trust and Honesty — with Four Expert Tips!


Working for even a short time at a law firm shows you how important the relationship you have with your client truly is — and that relationship can easily deteriorate if you don’t put protocols of professionalism and communication into place.


It takes work to strengthen and support a client relationship — but there are some simple things you can do, even today, to improve that partnership.


Are you ready to boost your client’s trust in you? Do you want your client to be more frank and honest with you as you talk about your case? Do you want to increase the loyalty of your client over time?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then read on to get our top for tips for how you can become more organized and professional with your client. Let’s get started:


Tip #1: Communicate Your Progress


By default, if you’re staying organized with your client’s cases, then you will communicate with him or her. This not only builds trust, but it helps your client learn to talk honestly with you about issues and concerns. You want the relationship to be an open one in which your client is expressing concerns and in which you, thereby, have the opportunity to address them. So keep an open communication style. Give your client your direct line and email. Respond quickly and efficiently. This shows that you are invested in the client and are organized.

Tip #2: Create a System for Addressing Concerns


Often, your client may disagree with you or be unhappy over the course of the case. It is on you to fix the problem. Most of the time, a client simply wants to hear from you and to have their concerns heard. But it’s good to have a system in place for addressing real issues.


Therefore, work with your employees to create a step-by-step process for troubleshooting issues. What is at the heart of the issue? Who needs to be involved? At what level do you need to know about the issue?


This process will communicate your firm’s organizational skills and concern for the client.


Tip #3: Use a Legal Case Management Software Platform to Stay Organized


Law firms that use some type of either legal case management software or law firm case management software are more likely to not only stay organized from an institutional standpoint but to offer better customer service to their clients. Here’s why law firm case management software works:


  • It tracks thousands of clients all at once.
  • It allows colleagues to work simultaneously on a case and to be updated instantly about changes and issues
  • It is easy to use and quick to look up a client. This is especially helpful when a client calls you and wants to know a specific detail or update. You can quickly look up the case and find out the answer to the question without skipping a beat.
  • Keep track of invoicing and payment from all your clients. Send out bills and reminders.

Tip #4: Never Miss a Meeting


When you are on time and never miss a meeting with your client, you are communicating that you are organized and truly care about the outcome of the case and getting your client the very best side of the deal. So keep up your communication, schedule meetings that you can keep, and make sure that you are respecting the client’s time by being on time and not making the client feel like you are too busy to answer all the questions at hand. In the end, you’ll earn trust — and your client will feel more comfortable being vulnerable with you over the lifetime of the case.

Are You Ready to Make Organizational Changes in Your Law Firm?


If you’re ready to begin the journey toward more professionalism and organization, then try these four simple yet expert tips at your law firm this week. Whether that means investing in a legal case management software platform, making sure your research management and citation efforts are up to date or relying on professional resources — such as the Legal Information Institute or the New York City Law Department — you can prove to your client that you are organized and proficient to handle their case.


It all starts with getting organized today!


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