How a Legal Management Software will Enhance Your Clientele


How a Legal Management Software will Enhance Your Clientele

With the increasing amount of new technology being developed, many law firms have begun to integrate the use of legal management software to provide both attorney and their legal staff with the convenience and ease of better client management and the maintaining of case files. This also allows the law firm to utilize automation. With automation, your law firm can easily share case information with firm partners and outside sources that are pertinent to a case. This prevents duplication among your billing and data programs. Not only that but you can easily link programs to a PDA so that all of your schedules and calendars can be a touch away.

There are many types of legal management software’s available so you will need to make sure that yours will be compatible with the size of your firm and firm features. The first thing you need to determine before choosing the right legal case management software is what your needs will be. Your best bet is to select one that provides practice enhancement with very little effort.

To have a better feel about how a legal case management software can enhance your clients, please consider the following functions and features we have listed below.

Case Management

With case management, you will have easy access to all of your case files via a main database. You’ll be able to manage lists, searches are conducted faster, verify statue of limitations, and you can conduct conflicts of interest searches.


Timekeeping can consume a lot of time, and it is better to use that time for account payables.

What timekeeping provides:
• Timekeeping becomes painless and allows staff members to easily utilize its functions.
• This will increase the number of hours that are billable.
• After a while of systematically performing timekeeping, your firm will begin to become a lot more profitable.

Remember, legal case management software can be used to make your law firm’s timekeeping simple. The best part is that they provide a great amount of accuracy which in turn provides increased billable hours. It can also assist your firm to manage time more efficiently.

Billable Time

Being able to track billable time allows you to generate more invoices for clients. It can also be linked to your timekeeping and accounting. Easily generates reports for external attorneys for billing purposes.
Provides Access to Law Initiative
Being able to assemble documents that follow initiatives allows you to present the law a lot clearer. Access can be done by linking to programs that provide word processing to draft legal documents.

Manages Your Contacts

Being able to manage contacts is an important function of a law firm. By having law firm case management software you’ll be able to store, log, and track all details concerning callbacks, phone calls, and e-mails. For example, having a contact listed in the New York City law department will make case handling easier in New York City and likewise for Tennessee cases being handled through the Tennessee State Courts.

Case Docketing and Case Calendaring
This function allows all tasks, meetings, appointments, and deadlines to be viewed by year, month, week, or by day. It can also calculate dates and coordinate meetings and client appointments.

Law Firm Case Management Software Increases Productivity

We all know that profits occur because of productivity. Not only that but, it is also related to managing time. As it relates to firm productivity, it also allows partners of the firm and their staff to provide more productive work without having to work harder.

Better Targeting of Client Demographics

Do you know who is on your client list? How about the clients that have you on retainer? Are you spending money on cases that provide a little profit? Do you know where to find more prospects? When you know where the prospects are, how do you contact them?

Knowing the answers to these questions are detrimental to a firm’s profitability. However, if prospect information is unavailable, then a law firm is left to guess.

When you use legal case management software for client demographics you:

• Have direct access to a lot of answers and the ability to access this information to contact your clients.
• Are able to obtain any and all data that is relevant to your case as well as having access to information that will help build a case.
• Can view available data in different ways which will assist in the firm’s ability to market and search demographics.
• Are able to have demographics tracked enables a firm’s ability to notice all trends pertaining to clients.

Not only does noticing trends give a better understanding of all demographics but, a firm will be able to generate a new client base or build on an existing one.

Easily Manage Financials
Whether your firm is large or you’re just starting the business, it is a good idea to know what you want your financial plan to look like for the year. This includes all potential expenses and revenue. This also has a big role in determining a firm’s profitability for the long run. Having a financial plan that is effective requires the proper management and collection of all law firm data. This includes any client collections and all billable hours.

With an increased amount of attorney-client relationships being built, the importance of legal case management software grows right along with it. By having the available tools, your firm can grab a hold of new clients that in turn can create increased profits for your firm. Of course, your firm’s ability to adapt to change will also determine your firm’s success financially. So make sure to remain proactive in initiating solutions, spotting problems, and breaking the ice with potential prospects.

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