How a Legal Case Management Software Can Save You Time and Money


Use a Legal Case Management Software to Save You Time and Money



Nowadays, information technology (IT) has become part of every office management. The IT has increased productivity and efficiency in running offices hence increasing profits. Different information technologies have been used for different jobs/functions in running different offices. Legal firms have adopted the legal case management software (CMS) that is installed in computers to help in managing the cases, clients and running other law firm office matters.


There are, however, different types of the CMS that may be used to perform different functions. Some may be used for specific functions than others. Therefore, legal officers need to first understand their specific need before purchasing a specific software. Some bar associations give advice on the resources and information needed in law office management. For instance, the Tennessee Bar Association has provided practice management advisor pipes which help the Tennessee State courts to choose the best CMS to serve their clients efficiently. Adopting the CMS has helped in saving resources in various ways as described below:

It Is Easy to Manage Case Deadlines

In any lawsuit, there are many assignments deadlines to be kept in mind. By adopting the Law Firm Case Management Software, the deadlines are well managed by automatically adding them to your calendar. The software also gives reminders so that no case date is forgotten. It also ensures that all the cases are managed on time.

Organizing Law Firm Office Data

Within a law firm, there is a very big batch of data to be managed. This data is safe handled by the use of the Law Firm Case Management Software which will keep every client’s information such as:

  • Clients names
  • Clients contacts
  • Dates of the client’s cases
  • What task each legal officer has in each of the cases


The Law Firm CMS also makes it possible to makes some notes and comments concerning each file saved. This makes it easy to access the files and information whenever the legal officer or the client needs them. Initially, when a case was being organized, it took a long time to pull information from different sources, for instance, briefs and pleadings could be in a separate folder in the server, transcripts could be hard copies somewhere on your shelves and emails in your email system. The Legal Case Management Software has made organizing a case a very easy process. It saves your time by organizing emails, briefs, pleadings, and transcripts in one folder on the server. This makes it easy to retrieve the information whenever needed.


Enhanced Sharing of Information


Whenever handling case and client’s details in hard copies, it is difficult to share the files and access different information at the same time. But with the Law Firm Case Management Software, many legal staff members can access similar information at the same time. It also allows the officers to see each other’s work. When the CMS is loaded with the legal client’s details, then it is easy to search for that information and share with colleagues. This is because the information is coded systematically and you will have all your client’s contacts in one place. The software allows the legal officers to retrieve any information at any given time and from anywhere. You will no longer waste time retrieving emails to find client’s contacts and their other details.


The Case Management Software is Affordable


As compared to other software such as Business Intelligence, the CMS comes at an affordable price such that even the small law firms can have it installed on their systems.


You Can Work from Anywhere

The beauty with the Law Firm Case Management software is that it is available online. This has made it easy to access it from any computer provided that you have access to the internet. What the Legal officers need to do is to go into the CMS website, log on to the software they use, and continue working from anywhere while enjoying their comfort. This saves time that would have been wasted if you had to wait to get back to your office to work. Traveling legal staff can find it very useful.


Automated Time of Billing Entries

The legal management software takes calendared events which make it easy to key in the billing times. The system is always bill itself automatically every month on the date that it was set to. This will save the time that would have been used writing the billable time manually and entering it into the billing system.


Compliance with the Lexcel Accreditation

Nowadays, one of the fundamentals of law practice is to get accredited with Lexcel. CMS has made it easy for law firms to comply with the Lexcel accreditation, which is a process that takes some considerable time and efforts. Legal firms that are accredited with Lexcel are given a Legal Assistant certificate as a proof of applying the best practice in their work.


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