How do You Know if You are Making Enough Money for Your Legal Hours?


How Much Is Your Time Really Worth?

It is difficult in a lot of ways to know how much you should charge for your legal services. It is hard in some ways to value our own work. We do not want to make ourselves sound like we are worth more than what we really our, but it is also a bad idea to sell ourselves short too. Those who work in the Tennessee state courts know that it takes a long time to get to work in the legal profession and requires a lot of schooling. If we are not compensated for all of that time, then what was the point of all of it?

Tips to Find Your Salary

A legal services corporation may be a good place to start to look for ideas about rates of salary for lawyers. Different lawyers charge their rates in different ways. Some work on contingency meaning they are not paid at all unless their client wins their case. This is typical of lawyers who work on civil cases only and may not apply for those working in the criminal courts. Those who work in the criminal courts have to consider what they will charge as an hourly rate. Law firm case management software may help you to do this.

How a Law Firm Case Management Software Can Help

The law firm case management software will let you know how many cases you have to work on at any time. This is important because you need to know it in order to know roughly how many hours you might expect to be putting into your work. That total hour number is important because you can then divide it up into an hourly rate and understand how much you need to charge.

Legal case management software is the tool more and more lawyers are using both to see how much work they have yet to do while at the same time taking some of that work off of their own shoulders. They do not have to worry about some of the things that they used to do by hand when they have legal case management software.

The hourly rate that the legal case management software suggests will probably sound pretty high to the average person. There is a reason for this though. Lawyers have to make up as much of the money that they have put into their studies as they possibly can. They also have to do so in a potentially short period of time since they spent so much time in school to begin with.

Another critical factor for those who are figuring out their rates must consider is what other staff they may have to hire in order to run their firm smoothly. This may include a paralegal specialist and some other personal that are required just to keep the office running the way that it is supposed to. That is something that goes into the total dollar amount that one should charge if they are to make a profitable and functioning legal firm.

It is one of the first questions that any new lawyer must ask themselves. They need to know what rate they are going to charge. There are so many factors that go into it, not the least of which is remaining competitive with the rates that other lawyers also charge. You have to remember at the same time that many of the clients that come into your office are desperate to get their case solved and behind them. They are likely willing to spend a good amount of money to just make things right again. Consider what you can get for the hard work you put into these things.

Key Takeaways:

–There are many costs associated with being a lawyer, so make sure you charge enough
–Lawyers charge fees in different ways and software can help keep this all straight
–Schooling is expensive and therefore hourly rates are often high to recoup that cost
–Fees charged should be competitive with those who are in the area

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