How Investing Money In a Legal Management Software Could Actually Increase Your Profits


Technology and its Benefits


The computer era has now reached an advanced stage where the technology that is available is mature enough to be installed in virtually any company and provide very real benefits. For law firms, legal case management software can be implemented for a reasonable cost and can actually contribute to increasing profits for the firm. Here are some of the benefits that law firm case management software can provide to an individual.


Attracting New Customers and Business to the Firm


When potential clients enter into your company to provide you with information on their case, they are interviewing you, all while you are interviewing them. A law firm that can provide a potential client with information quickly on the major issues surrounding their case is more likely to retain that client and increase their revenues and profits. Using a legal case management software can make this into a reality by placing information on the issues surrounding them easily and directly in the hands of the lawyers talking to and interviewing clients. New customers add to the law firm’s revenues and profits and helps them to grow into a more powerful firm.


Retaining Clients Easier with Satisfied Customers


Th the proper law firm case management software, a law firm can more effectively satisfy the needs of their clients. These case management software programs allow a lawyer to quickly assess the file for the client, understand the current position of the case, may be able to link to relevant literature, past precedence, and case studies on the legal matters surrounding the case, all of which can quickly allow the law firm to improve the satisfaction of their clients by displaying knowledge on the case and by having a more favorable outcome in the case.


Happy clients are often repeat clients or those who will spread the word about the law firm’s strong performance to their friends and associates. These steps can lower the costs of attracting new clients, thus leading to higher profits for the law firm. In addition, satisfied customers are more likely to pay their full bills and not contest portions of them that reduce the amount that the law firm has to write-off as uncollectible.


Increasing Your Billable Hours


A legal case management system is often directly integrated into the billing software that captures billable hours, or it is that system. An effective system can help a law firm to more effectively capture the billable hours and to improve on the amounts charged to customers. This improvement can be done in several different ways:


– Help a law firm to identify employees who are not billing significant hours so that addressed with corrective measures

– Help to identify unproductive cases that have a disproportionate number of hours on them, which can be particularly troublesome if the work is done on a pro bono basis

– Allow the law firm’s management to make intelligent decisions on staffing the law firm and what types of skills and resources are needed

– Find inefficiencies and ways to cut excess employees to slim down and improve on profits

– Help the law firm’s management properly set billable rates per staffing level and make decisions more effectively on when cases should be discounted and even rejected

– Assist the law firm in addressing trends that are impacting the law firm


More billable hours and more effectively tracked costs and rates can greatly improve on your law firm’s profit margin and profits. A law firm case management system can turn this into a reality.


Better Case Outcomes with Better Research


Law firms can perform better research on their case with a good case management system which allows the firm to hone their attention on the critical and smaller issues more effectively. Research management and citation functionality allows the firm to organize research more effectively and pull out information gathered from varying legal resources such as schools and case law (ex. School of law online resources) and make notes on t literature examined so that they can investigate more effectively. The Longshore case management system does this particularly well and provides a clear documentation trail for lawyers to build a case around.


Law firm case management software can help your firm to improve profits in many ways, as noted above. Investing in the software programs should therefore be viewed as an investment that can help your business to improve, rather than as a cost that can limit your business in the future. Making the investment can help your firm to improve on profits and profitability.


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