How to Get the Most Money From Your Advertisements as an Attorney


How To Maximize The Impact Of Legal Advertisements

Did you know in some countries it is not even legal to advertise for legal services? It is a nice thing about the United States that such advertisements are not only legal but practically everywhere you look. In fact, some might say that they are essentially a dime a dozen. If that is true, then those who make these types of ads need to figure out how to get the most out of them.

How Much Are You Willing to Spend on Advertising?

Among the fundamentals of law practice is the ability to get a steady stream of clients to work with. How are you going to pay to keep the firm running if you do not have enough work to go around? That is why you must start focusing in on your advertising dollars. You could look for information with the New York City law department, but you might as well just learn a few tips here that may help you along the way.

First, you will want to design a website for your practice that says a lot about your firm and encourages people to pay you a visit. This means using great videos and photos and well as plenty of written information about exactly what it is that you are all about.

Getting a Legal Case Management Software

Once you have conquered this step then you may move on to getting some legal case management software. This will help you manage all of the new clients that you are seeing now that your practice has taken off so much. Legal case management software makes it easier to figure out what stage each case is in and what steps still need to be taken to make it progress along nicely.

Law firm case management software is used by all of the major firms to ensure that they keep all of their ducks in a row so to speak. They use law firm case management software to keep growing their client list while at the same time never losing track of what they have already started with other clients. This can even be found with the Harvard law school case management.

Another interesting tactic to get more from advertising and therefore pull in more clients is to advertise where those clients are. If one specializes in auto accident law, advertising along the interstates makes a lot of sense. There are even some lawyers who work on DUI type cases who have put their name and telephone number on the wristbands that are given to those who enter nightclubs. It is kind of funny in a way, but at least they have targeted their specific clientele.

When working on getting your legal advertising up to par consider making all advertisements something that you can reasonably measure. What this means is that you should not use even a single dollar on something that you cannot measure out. You want to know at all times what the value of what you are doing is. The more that you spend on things which you cannot measure, the less you have for the type of ads that really do matter.

The referral side of your business is also important. While some look to a billboard or other advertisement for their legal services, more often than not new clients come in on the recommendation from a friend. If someone knows that you are a good lawyer, they might recommend you to the next person that they hear have a legal issue come up.

Legal case management software can help you with the referral side of your business by allowing you to send out a thank you to a client that you have worked with in the past and just let them know that you appreciated their business. Something as simple as that could help to drum up the next bit of business that you need. This is because again that referral side of the business is so critically important.

Finally, you can just take a look at what some other lawyers in the area are doing and see what has been successful. It is the oldest trick in the book, but it still works in a lot of ways. The lawyers who have a steady stream of business are those who have worked to make sure their advertisements are of value. Those who are lacking in clients have not put in enough time and effort into this process. Follow the example of the lawyers who have gotten it right and you will be well on your way to the best possible results.

Key Takeaways:

–Advertise where your potential clients are, even if that is a unique place
–Think about the least expensive forms of advertising as where you should start
–Always advertise in ways that are measurable
–Focus on referrals as this is where so much business comes from

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