How to Effectively Work On Your Client’s Case


Five Tips To Help You Take On Your Client’s Case and Win

How many of you are new trial lawyers? This content is geared especially for you. It is not enough to prepare your client for his or her day in court. You also need to be prepared on every level. Many of you may even be feeling frustrated right now. You client may be frustrating you with their never-ending questions and complaints. You may also be confused by some of the laws in your area. Just because you have read all the chapters on South Dakota Odyssey Case Management does not mean you are prepared. Just because you reside in New York and have powerful friends in the New York City Law Department, this does not mean your case is “in the bag”.

It takes more than powerful friends and “book knowledge” to make your case. With some strong studying and a great deal of prep, you can become the skilled, professional trial lawyer you were always meant to be.

The Checklist Every Trial Lawyer Should Have In Their Arsenal

1) You have to know how to handle the jury. Jurors are like kids, they are better seen than heard. Most jurors are going to be new to the process. You have to keep this in mind and be patient. You will not only have your client’s questions, but you will have their questions too. They may have public access to court electronic records, but there is only so much they will learn.

Have them write down their questions. Go over each one. This is where the patience comes in. Expect any and all questions. Do not allow anything to take you off your track. Follow procedure. This goes for the jury questions too.

2) Prepare yourself days beforehand. The best way to do this use some of your law tools. You may have access to things like the Legal Case Management Software or the Law Firm Case Management Software. The Law Firm Case Management Software will help you refresh on some of the things you may have forgotten since law school.

The Legal Case Management Software is something your office may have on file. Use the Legal Case Management Software to help you brush up on some of the legal proceedings. The other software has this too, but this one goes more in-depth with what to expect. Use this as a study guide a few night before you go to trial. This software will help you to prepare for the unexpected.

What if the opposing counsel asks a question out of boredom?
What if the opposing counsel asks a question to catch you off-guard?
What if one of the jurors asks you a question designed to confuse you more?

These three scenarios can and will happen. You need to be prepared.

3) You have a few months or weeks worth of experience. The opposing counsel is going to have at least 10 years or more. Some of them have 20 years. Your job is not to lose your cool. Your job is not to let this intimidate you. Their job is to make you lose your cool and intimidate you. They live in a beautiful and expensive mansion. You live in a small studio apartment working to pay back your student loans. Do not let these things scare you off.

They were once where you are now. Many of them forget this major point. Do not let them weigh you down or question your purpose. Click here for some tips on handling yourself in this situation.

4) It is one thing to be confident in court. It is another thing to cross the line and insult the judge or opposing counsel. There have been lawyers who have gotten a year or two worth of suspensions for doing this. Do not let this happen to you. Learn from those who have come before you. There are things you should and should not do when it comes to holding your confidence in the courtroom and being zealous. Click here for more details.

5) Your client may pull a “disappearing act” on you in court. It happens more than you think. Do not jump to the worse case scenario on this. There may be a good explanation as to why he or she did not show up. Click on this link to find out the protocols for this type of situation.

We hope these tips helped some of you out. Those who require some more reading on this and other court-related topics, you can click here.

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