How to Advertise to Past Legal Clients


Why You Still Need Old Clients

Law firms and attorneys need clients to stay in business. Without clients, they will not be able to

  • pay their bills
  • stay ahead of the competition
  • have a job!
  • Every client is essential to the legal field as they generate billions in revenue and they ensure that firms and independent attorneys stay employed.

Traditional Ways that Law Firms Attract Clients

When it comes to attracting clients for business, law firms and attorneys must use certain marketing tactics to attract clients. Most attorneys sign up with the bar association within their state. They also advertise directly to clients that are involved within the court system. Big law firms typically have representatives that seek out clients that would benefit from their services.
Lawyers also get clients by registered with or working on the government pay roll. Firms can also find clients by being affiliated with or networking within large companies. Lawyers can even advertise their services directly to people who are in need; if they are allowed to do so. Some places prohibit lawyers from directly marketing to people. The bottom line is that law firms and attorneys typically have standard marketing practices for picking up clients.

Strategies for Attracting Clients

Firms and attorneys can attract more clients by winning court cases and doing get work. When a firm or independent attorney has the ability to consistently win court cases; they typically attract more clients. Members of the legal community should also dress and look the part.
A good firm should also develop relationships with people. Sooner or later every person alive will need the services of a lawyer. There is no getting around this truth. The legal complexities in modern society are great. An attorney or firm should definitely network with clients and hand out cards to people they meet.

Software that Attorneys can use to Attract Clients

Law firm case management software to keep tract of current and past clients. When a new client is picked up by a firm or an attorney they are typically added to their database. Once they are input into their system they will be able to keep a running record of their former client.

Legal case management software will be able to store a client’s personal information. This way a firm or client can keep track of their former clients. Oftentimes, if a person needs a lawyer in the past they will typically need them again in the future.
A law firm or lawyer should always keep a good legal case management software program on their networks. This way they can communicate with clients on a periodic basis. This in turn will help them to retain business and serve clients who need their services once again.

Lawyers who make it a point to keep up with former clients can help them with various legal matters. Former clients can also make it easier for firms to acquire new cases. They can often refer people to attorneys and firms who have represented them in the past. This is a good way for current practice to retain business and to find new customers. Law firm case management software can also be practically used to organize case data.

Former clients can also help attorneys with ongoing work. If they place them onto retainer this is a great way for attorneys to keep money coming into their business. Once again, law firm case management software can help to make the process of retaining old clients an easy and practical thing to do.

Harvard law school case management software provides some high-quality application that can keep track of former clients, names and court information. The Legal Information Institute is a non-profit organization that is a part of the Cornell Law School.

This tool can be used to obtain legal information online and it can be used to find clients who might be in need of services. Access to Law Initiative is based out of California. This is another legal database that helps independent and small firms to thrive along the west coast. These methods are great for finding new clients and retaining old ones as well.

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