How to Add Technology to Your New Firm


Why You Must Incorporate technology on Your Law Firm


Are you thinking of venturing into law practice field? And maybe you are wondering what could be the best way to run a law firm using technology. It is very true that today’s markets are automated, and through technology, everything is simplified from payments to filing systems. And any business that still ignores this fact will be irrelevant soon.

Technology gives a fighting chance to individual proprietor law firms. They can now compete with the giants by using the same technology, though its complexity varies depending on the company’s nature and size. Though innovations as a whole are beneficial, not all of them will fit into your business. Meaning there are those techs that won’t be of use for individual firms, and also there are those that you will incorporate them as you grow.

Benefits of technology to a Law firm


Personalized legal services, when combined with technology, yields tremendous results and makes your brand grow. This is because customers are now going digital; they are using mobile phones to access services where they are. Through the help of applications and software such as LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE that contains clients portal where they can access information any time they want.

Lawyers can take advantage of current technology to;

 Network with other lawyers where they share knowledge and experiences

 Stay up to date with the industry trends and news

 Connect with clients in a more engaging and personalized way.

 Update and store legal forms and even documents online

Technology ideas and practices


Case management software can help lawyers manage clients, cases, and firm issues efficiently. Uses of this software include;

• Managing deadlines, so you will never miss an opportunity. You just enter the case, and its corresponding dates and the software will automatically mark it on your calendar with a reminder.

• Used to organize clients’ documents and files- it saves you space by keeping all the bulk in one place, but in an organized manner. And you can access them anytime anywhere.

• Enters billing and time automatically, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything anymore.

• Makes it easier to contact the case parties since the LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE stores them in one place.

Besides this essential software, Differentiated Case Tracking Program is also recommended. With this program, you can quickly schedule cases by the set timelines established by the court, not by litigants or even attorneys as it used to be. This reduces the cases overload in the court systems.

Have firm’s website with client portal on it

With your site, customers can communicate with you through client’s portal. This portal offers a secure and instant access to your firm’s information. You can even consider having a 24-hour online chat representative. And nowadays you don’t have to employ anyone, just have a chatbot do this instead. Chatbots are robots that can help you answer frequently asked questions, and you just have to program them with the answers based on what clients are like to ask and the words they often use. Benefits of having client portal include;

× Secure document and files sharing
× Simple way to message and communicate
× Cheap way to sent invoices and bill payments
× Video conferencing software is a must
Just like LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, video chatting software helps you conduct meetings promptly on short notice. You can hold a meeting with a client who is in California while you are in New York City Law Department or even in your office. Use this software when you are short on time, we all are. And interestingly, your conversation can be recorded for future references.

Use cloud-computing

Cloud-computing is cloud-based software that allows you to store your documents and files seamlessly in the ‘clouds.’ With it, you can access your data anytime and anywhere with no additional cost. When used along with LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, it saves your firm funds and time. The cloud-based legal software is updated with new features frequently, so you are sure not to miss anything. It also allows you to;

× Make regular local data backups
× Use the software with end-to-end data transmission encryption
× Evaluate vendor records
× Using social media to network and grow your brand

The marketing world is moving away from traditional advertising language where you just put your message out there and hope somebody will hear it. No. Today, you can measure your business marketing efforts and track the results. Tracking will show you what you did right and where you messed. And fortunately, there’s only one system that can allow you to do all this, using social media. With the help of tracking tools such as HootSuite, Klout, and Sprout among others, you start doing the right thing for your business from day one.

Also, you can meet your clients there, engage and connect with them. Here are some important UF LAW TO SURVEY LEGAL PROFESSION S tips to assist you with this.

× Use LinkedIn to search, connect and engage with your clients. Post articles solving their pain areas comment and answer their questions
× Use pay per click (PPC) advertising strategies such as Facebook ads, Google Adwords. With them, you can do targeting to find your potential clients.
× Sign up and be featured in local directories. Legal directories for lawyers include Findlaw, Yahoo Directory, and among others.

Leverage these technological innovations to assist you in growing your business. They will help you free-up some time to spend it on other things, saves you money

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