6 Tips for Dealing with Legal Case Management in Divorce Cases


Dealing with Legal Case Management in Divorce Cases

Courts dealing with divorce cases do not like having surprises. Though most of these cases are settled without the intervention of the court, at times the couple can be so distant that a trial cannot be evaded. In case you are dealing with such a divorce case, note that the judge handling your situation will want to know about it soon rather than being attacked in the courtroom. When meeting with the judge for the management conference of your case, it helps them learn about the situation and access the possibility you have on settling the case on your own. They will also help set deadline and terms that will contribute to ensuring that your case is resolved. The whole divorce situation can be frustrating but here are tips for dealing with legal case management.

Have Electrical Copies

You can make use of technology to maintain your composure and also earn the respect of the judicial officer and make the client feel confident with the case. Mac productivity can help you make electronic copies of your exhibit and transcripts by scanning all the documents electronically and putting them in a folder can help you achieve this. If the case has many exhibits, it is best to number them so that you have an easy time directing a witness to a particular number during the cross-examination. Some programs have Optical Character Recognition is a School Of Law online resources that help to search for documents using a certain phrase making it simpler to present your case in court. Another way of making the process easy is by using the best legal case management software available in the market.

Use of Online Tools

The family practitioner is required to have accurate information when giving any statement to the court. Getting information from people who are fighting is not easy. In most cases, the couple is always give contradicting information. However, the work can be simplified by using law firm case management software by asking the co-parents only to communicate using this online tool. This type of communication offers the lawyer an unfiltered window in the communication. When spouses are in a conflict, the text message and emails that they send create miscommunication and ambiguity and this can give the counsel a hard time trying to compile records that will be admissible. The use of online co-parenting tool gives the counsel ability to view the information that will help in generation court ready documents that can be used in court. The law firm case management software also eases the communication of the co-parents which will help your client well in the future.

No Contact

If the court has put out a no contact, protection from abuse, restrictive, or restraining order, make sure your clients understand what this is and what it means. Most clients are unaware of this, but being in contact does not have to be physical, even communicating through the social media counts as a violation. Some of the activity that might seem innocuous are:
• Poking
• Friend request
• Retweeting
• Following

Implementing guiding principles on Electronically Stored Information
Electronically stored information (ESI) is data manipulated, communicated, generated, stored, and best utilized in digital form. ESI can be found on any device that has electromagnetic capabilities, digital, wireless, optical, and magnetic like the computer, hard drives, tablets, GPS, digital cameras, and PDAs. The New York City Law Department is clear about the use of ESI, and some rules and guidelines need to be followed. The rules that govern electrical discovery differs in different states, and the way they are interpreted depends on the competence of the lawyer. As a family law attorney making use of the law firm case management software, it is important to implement the principles and also to understand the state an ethical opinion on this matter. The couple should be educated on how they can preserve their ESI evidence to avoid any evidence from being destroyed unintentionally.

Using software to reduce the temperature

In most divorce cases, a lot of anger stems up because each party involved does not have an accurate understanding of the financial situation of the other party. Each couple feels like the other party is trying to steal from them financially. The matter can be solved by making use of the legal case management software that analyses finances. The gadget can be able to show the financial position of each spouse in details. The use of this software help calm the room as the couples get the reality of the situation.

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