6 Steps to Growing Your Firm


Sure-Fire Ways To Grow Your Legal Firm In The Digital Age


Establishing and growing a successful legal firm in the 21st century is as much about people as it was in earlier ages, but the computer age demands more attention be paid to the social media community, as well as the technological advances made in recent years. As such, law firms utilizing modern advances to customize their services for each client will grow to become the strongest and most successful in any community.


Law Firm Case Management Software Helps Attorneys Tailor Their Services


As our society continues to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to make a human to human connection. Even as electronic devices continue to make our lives easier, so, too, do they impersonalize so many of our interactions. For that reason, the law firm that can make each client feel special and valued, even in the smallest ways, will be the ones to make an indelible mark on its community.

So, how does a firm make that mark on its clients?

One way is through the use of law firm case management software. Along with a new generation of smartphones, tablets, and the growing importance of a firm’s social media presence comes technology to help customize the legal client’s experience.

Here are just a few ways that legal case management software can personalize the client’s experience with the legal system:

  • Client/attorney correspondences are made more efficient
  • Case data can easily be shared among all attorneys in the firm with ease
  • Mobility features give attorneys ease of access, while away from the office
  • Time and expense management is streamlined
  • Tracking of events, court dates, bills, and payments makes it easier than ever before to stay up to date


These are just a few ways that legal case management software can make a firm more efficient and create a better experience for its clients.

In addition to utilizing software, the internet has developed, since its initial creation decades ago, now offering a vast pool of legal resources. For instance New York City Law Department maintains an informative website, offering school of law online resources for the public and career opportunities for legal professionals and support staff, as well.


Growing Your Legal Firm Still Requires A Personal Touch


Setting aside the importance of incorporating legal case management software into the day to day functions of running your firm, connecting with your community is vital to growing your law firm. While the right software package will compliment online resources, making research management and citation more efficient, there’s still a need for making connections.

Networking with prospective clients can be done in many ways. One vital way for drawing attention to your law firm and attracting new clients is to engage in public speaking opportunities. The frequency of such events will obviously determine the exposure you can gather for your firm, but bear in mind that the interest in the event will also play a role. We’ve all heard the adage about the tree falling with no one around to hear it. The same goes for your public speaking engagements. The larger the audience, the more likely your speech will pique interest in your firm’s services.


Turn That ‘No’ Into A ‘Yes’


Finally, here’s one more bit of useful information in expanding your legal firm. Again, the internet is your most powerful tool…even with the 80-90% who won’t commit to a consultation. Once any potential client searches Google and clicks on your ad, your marketing efforts have given you all you need to build a new attorney/client relationship. You know they need an attorney and, based on the search parameters, you have a basic understanding about their particular legal problem.

What’s next?

The ball is now in your court. It’s up to you to follow up with this potential client through weekly.

Using a “custom audience pixel” code via Facebook Ads, you can identify that person and specifically target ads to appear on their timeline. The reason this is so valuable, even if the individual never clicks on your ads, is because it sets you (and, by extension) your firm as this person’s “go-to guy” in regard to his legal needs. By providing legal tidbits and just enough information to solve the individual’s immediate legal needs, you eventually become his/her confidant.

Without ever having met face to face, you have become this person’s trusted friend and they have become a future client. And you never had to utter a single sales pitch.


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