5 Ways to Becoming a Better Lawyer


How Can You Improve?

As a lawyer, improvement applies to all levels be it a new entrant or experienced attorneys in the field. There is always room to becoming better each day. But what is it that you must do to be on the scale of improvement?

Sharpen your skills

It’s essential to possess critical skills to excel as an attorney. Some of these skills are necessary for one to pass through law school while others are required in the Law practice throughout your career. For example, according to Florida State University Law Practice, the general content of skills such as logical reasoning is necessary to pass through Law School Admission Test. In such a case, one is expected to present arguments after reading short passages then afterward answer the passage-based questions. Other skills tested are such as analytical reasoning, task organization as well as public service skills. Beyond school, one has to demonstrate and grow skills that will ensure effective client engagement which ranges from simple skills such as communication to professionalism and overall project management. Often you will be faced with situations where you have to utilize critical thinking skills which will help you make sound legal arguments.

Familiarize yourself with new discoveries in technology

To succeed either as a law firm or as an individual lawyer, it is important to adopt new technology which does not only make your work easier, but it also helps you grow and succeed. A good example is Legal Case Management Software such as MyCase, CaseFox and InTouch which help you manage cases efficiently. There are several other benefits of having Legal Case Management Software as an individual or law firm case management software in the situation of a law firm as listed below:
i. Automated billing through online payments
ii. Easily generated reports that analyze data which is essential especially in simplifying workload law firm case management software.
iii. Accurate legal timing that ensures you don’t miss out on any event and simplifies your administrative tasks to help you give more time to your clients and running the firm.
iv. Law firm case management software helps you get organized regarding cases, documents storage and let you access your documents from any other device.

Maintain an active and productive engagement with your clients

Clients are important in a firm’s image where in most cases, their success may also determine your success. It’s important to handle every client ethically by listening to them no matter how bad the decision they may have made. Keep every promise you give them and be honest with them in every detail. Also carefully remember personal detail they may have shared and ask for their feedback to show you value their input. As you interact with the clients, always bear in mind that you don’t have to represent every client that comes your way to avoid ruining your reputation as well as that of the firm. In one of the units on problem-solving in Harvard Law School Case Management, to efficiently work for (and with) clients involve the following simple guidelines:
i. Defining the client
ii. Understanding the goal of the client and your role as an attorney
iii. Identify facts presented in the legal problem
iv. Conduct a client interview
v. Generate options then advise the client

Join other lawyers

This could be in a local, state or countrywide level association. Not only do they give you a platform to learn from the experienced lawyers but it also presents an opportunity to acquire new ideas that can be valuable to the overall development of your profession. For those new in the field, the office of the director of state courts can be helpful in identifying associations near you. Further, the relationships you build open a platform of consultation on particular cases that may be presented to you which will help you solve cases amicably. It is through these partnerships that you find a mentor that will walk you through the journey who will widen your knowledge on various cases.

Your Impression matters

There’s no better way to put than to say your impression is critical. Messy appearance depicts an untidy office as well and most clients may not entrust you with their cases. There is a way that clients expect a lawyer to look. Being tidy should also come hand-in-hand with respect which determines your professionalism. As a good lawyer, it is important to listen without interrupting when speaking with judges. While talking to the client, it is important to avoid being judgmental and handle every situation with wit. Further, witnesses should be questioned appropriately especially the minor witnesses or those that have been victims of violence.

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