5 Tech Tips for Lawyers to Stay Organized


Law firm case management software brings one of the best ways to help attorneys handle the client information in an organized manner. When it is the right type, it works well. There is a flow to the development of the case and it can even help them be better for their clients. It helps attorneys manage and better serve the specifics of each case. That way they can focus on developing the best defense or attack plan to win the case. Here are some of the other benefits of legal case management software. When a law practice doesn’t have the software a practice can make some mistakes. Mistakes cost valuable money when they occur. Cases could even be lost in court because the right information wasn’t available when it was needed. Perhaps evidence and other legal papers aren’t filed at the right time or to the correct case. No matter what the situation is, there can be serious consequences. That is why it is imperative that the choice is made carefully with several aspects considered prior to the choice.

Sharing Data & Exchange

Sharing data, with the courts, other attorneys and even among the client and attorney, must be sent and exchanged in a secure manner. Any leak of information could be a major breach of the attorney-client privilege and cause a case to be lost. That is one reason why deciding which law firm case management software to use. The New York City Law Department has taken that other aspect of the importance of the right legal case management software into consideration. After all, the wrong one can prove disastrous. If you have the right one though, that makes it all flow as it should. The size of the firm can alter the choice as well. Some software choices are not the right choice because they can’t handle a large firm. Other is the opposite. So the size can vary as well. Here are the 5 tech tips for lawyers to stay organized.


  • – Case Management
  • – Time Tracking
  • – Calendar
  • – Docking
  • – Billing


Case management is extremely important for making certain that all the data about each client and case details are all in order. This part of the law firm case management software must be able to share across the varied places where the information is needed.

Time tracking is essential for handling the case load and how much time has been spent on the various aspects of the case preparation. This must be the live time in order to accurately log the times. When it isn’t, then the entire case can be lost before the court session ever begins. That can be damaging for any practice.

The calendar is essential for making sure that all of the research is done by the times that they must be submitted to the clerk’s office. Court dates must be able to be added and then altered as needed across the platforms, at any time.

Good Record Keeping

Docking records how the cases appear and like the time tracking keeps track of the schedule that the case runs. The right software allows this to be logged in the most efficient manner. This allows the data to be handled in an efficient way to help the practice win every time. The case is dependent on the facts and talents of the attorneys in court, but the data needs to be in place to make it happen.

Finally, the billing can be completed by the secretaries to pay the lawyers. Access to Law Initiative is typically part of the software connection as this must all be connected by each participant in the case. It must serve all parties concerned, rather than just the one office. This allows for the updates that will inevitably be needed over time. Typically, a paralegal with a Legal Assistant Certificate working with access to software for data and client management will be more efficient when he or she has good software to control everything.

All of these aspects should be considered when a lawyer is trying to keep his firm organized. It allows his practice to run like a well-oiled machine. Without that software, or when the wrong software is used, the results can even be the loss of his reputation.


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