5 Most Profitable Legal Practice Areas

5 Most Profitable Legal Practice Areas Using Legal Case Management Software

A firm with many different practices at once may want to invent in LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE as a way of sorting and organizing the requirements for each of the different categories of law. They use a Differentiated Case Tracking Program to follow the necessary steps of each case, synchronize notes, and calculate the estimated settlement based on the facts that a lawyer or litigator puts in.

While money should never be the very first consideration when choosing a legal career specialization, it is certainly one that a person ought to keep in mind. The exact amounts will typically vary depending on the individual but there are many lucrative legal careers that a person can pick from. This guide explains some of the differences between areas of the legal field with the highest payouts, and a person can always research more to see which will be the best fit. It is always good to have a thorough understanding of each aspect of the legal field before making a final choice. If you are considering joining the field of law, and would like to know more about your options, the following are five of the highest paid legal areas.


  • Personal Injury Law: Personal Injury attorneys often take five years or more to fully develop their legal firm and standing but the single payouts can be very high, around a million dollars in some instances. There is a lot of competition in this field of law, because the amounts of money are so high, and it also requires a detailed knowledge of the legal practices at stake when determining who is at fault, and knowing when to push for a jury trial and when to settle out of court.


  • Intellectual Property Lawyers: These lawyers track and understand the legal issues of copyrights, trademarks, and profitable concepts. Many work in corporate law. Several will use LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE to analyze and determine the best way to proceed with any given legal matter, because it requires a highly specialized and skilled mindset to write and secure copyrighted material under the US and global patent systems. Many work in private practices or within large corporations, especially in the booming tech industry, where they ensure the integrity of the company’s technology and intellectual property.


  • Law Firm Administrator: A law degree and an understanding of business administration can lead a lawyer into a career as a Law Firm Administrator. These are typically very high paying positions within the legal field. Many of these roles require detailed knowledge of LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE, because they may be overseeing several types of cases at once, as well as the ability to manage other people and multitask on a daily basis. Their duties also include many of the non-legal aspects of running a law firm, from recruiting and interviewing new lawyers to handling human resources and facilities management.


  • Law School Professor: Salaries for professors, especially at top law schools and when backed by a strong resume, are frequently between 113,691 to $242,500, but with experience they are often on the shortlist for becoming a dean of a law school, which tends to pay as much as 450,000 per year. To move from the practice of law into the legal scholarship aspects requires a deep understanding of many legal issues, judicial clerkship experiences, and publication credits in scholarly journals.


  • Chief Legal Officers: Also known as general counsels, these are frequently the heads of the legal department at large corporations. At a large, multi-national business, the annual salary of a CLO can top 7 figures, but they tend to be proportionate to the size of the company that they are working in. They are often responsible for choosing the company’s LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE and ensuring that all lawyers have knowledge of how to implement it. In addition to the base salary, which is usually quite generous, the CLO also has chances to earn stock options, bonuses, and other company perks. They oversee all the lawyers in the company and ensures that the company stays on the correct side of any legal issues that may arise.


With a Florida State University Law Practice degree, you can take your ADVANCED DIPLOMA IN LEGAL PROJECT MANAGEMENT or other specialization and experience any of these five high paying legal careers. Once you have begun your career, you can use the LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE tools to help you win more cases and earn additional money in any of those five areas of law.

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