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Whether you’re a client for a case at the Tennessee State Courts, a law or debate student at Washburn University, or anything in between, you’ll need to prepare yourself at some point or another: You never know when the unexpected will strike and you find yourself in dire need of the best LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE or lawyer to represent you. For that reason, the following five of the best LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE resources are unique tools made with you in mind. Properly employing these LEGAL CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE helps can make all the difference, so check it out.


Who said that finding LAW FIRM CASE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE has to be a pain? We’ve made it simple. Check out five of the best, as listed just below, and then we’ll cover them in detail. Sound good? The five best, no-cost resources are these:

• Case Box
• Jarvis Legal
• Conflict Finder
• Open Source Law
• CiviCRM

1. Case Box

Case Box serves as an open-sourced, self-hosted document management system that records management in collaboration with software solutions. It’s listed among the best Legal Case Management Softwares. Its features are slightly lacking, but it has the coolest new updates to offset the lack. This tool was originally developed by HURIDOCS, a Geneva NGO giving human rights defenders the information, technology and documentation methods to better organize and present any data about violations.

To see if Case Box is for you, simply email the team at info@casebox.org and set up a free consultation. If it’s not the best fit, the Case Box team will make recommendations to help otherwise. If Case Box is ideal for you, the team then covers the steps needed to implement Case Box within your organization and also outlines the services HURIDOCS can provide while providing an estimate of the costs.

2. Jarvis Legal

Jarvis Legal’s another LPMS offering an unlimited free version. This version’s only caps are in case and data. You may obtain up to five simultaneous cases while using up to 5 GB of overall storage space. 5 GB of data os not bad when it comes to storage.

Capterra has Jarvis listed in its directory. Plus, reviews for this software stand at a sparkling 4.5/5. If you choose to upgrade, its only costs approximately $35 a month for each user. Many are often inclined to enjoy Jarvis Legal simply because of its appealing name as well, a humorous point.

3. Conflict Finder
Conflict Finder’s a python script that searches XML’s Wikipedia archives for any conflicts of interest since one can never be too careful. Its last update was in 2016.
The purpose of such conflict checks is to ensure that one’s commitment to a client’s matter will not become distracted by the same commitment to another person. Many attorneys claim that the commitment may be upheld by any brief moment of thought, comparing one client’s circumstances to those of any firm’s other clients – when retained for service.

Professional liability insurers, along with risk management professionals, continually state the importance of using conflict-checking systems in law firms to identify potential conflicts whenever an attorney-client relationship is established. Consistently, it’s been shown that checks for conflicts of interest – that don’t include using thorough lists or databases – leaves firms vulnerable to embarrassing issues or negligence problems.

Establishing reliable conflict-checking systems in your firm is easy. However, the system’s only as good as any information put into it. Therefore, properly creating and maintaining the conflict-checking system should be seen as an ongoing commitment to better secure that your client’s confidence – as well as your devotion to his or her best interests – is never questioned.

4. Open Source Law
A wiki-source for lawyers and law students alike to share each other’s documents, this invaluable software provides documentation, revision control and even a centralized repository. It was last updated in 2016. If you seek a comprehensive law practice management software with an open-source platform, then this may be the one.

5. CiviCRM
This free, open-source software was originally designed for legal nonprofits. It’s modern replacement is phenomenal as a top Legal Case Management System. The past version was ten years outdated and clearly needed this major update. It now offers case and document management, time tracking, and even legal billing.

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