4 Ways to Attract Old and New Legal Clients


Developing Effective Ways to Attract Clients

For any attorney or law firm it is important to develop effective ways to keep old clients while attracting new ones. Many find using law firm case management software helps. They find the legal case management software enables them to keep track of clients, winning legal strategies and provides a way to go over old cases and learn from them or identify ways they could have been handled better. Seeking to constantly improve the quality of the legal services rendered is very important to making old clients use your services again and getting the attention of new clients.

Develop An Overall Marketing Strategy

But using law firm case management software is just one strategy. In order for a law practice to continue to grow, there are a number of other strategies they can employ.
In order to attract new clients you must take steps to let prospective clients know your areas of expertise and the things your firm has done and can do. Making potential clients aware of what your firm has to offer can create a steady stream of new cases and clients. No matter how talented your staff and how much success you have enjoyed, if people don’t know you exist they cannot hire you.

Many law firms feel it is beneath them to create commercials that scream their firm’s name from radio and television. But there’re a number of ways to create tasteful, classy commercials to promote the services a law firm has to offer. While going through your legal case management software and sending reminder cards to old clients can help bring in 1 or 2 clients, attracting a steady stream of new clients may require a little more aggressive marketing moves. Ones that puts the name of your law firm in the forefront of the minds of potential clients when they have legal troubles.

Take Advantage Of New Resources And Developments

There are many new marketing resources available today than there were a decade ago. One of the most cost-effective marketing tools available today that can be used to reach out to potential clients is social media. This is an area every law firm should be active in for a number of reasons. 1. It is very affordable. 2. It can help to develop lucrative client relationships. 3. It is an easy way to reach out to millions of potential clients by offering them free legal information they can use. 4. Social media can be used to craft the image of your law firm you want people to have. 5. It can help to establish your firm as a trusted expert in a specific area or areas of the law.

Articulate Your Value

The marketplace for legal services is growing every day. People are finding themselves in need of legal services for new and different things. In order to tap into this growing market for legal services it is necessary to point out why your firm is the best choice for a specific type of legal issue. Personal injury lawyers are winning the day when it comes to promoting their services and how they can help clients. But even law firms that provide specialized legal services can gain more clients if they make people aware of why their services are too valuable to ignore.
Focus On Your Niche

Not long ago it was considered wise to have a law firm that dealt wide a wide range of legal issues. Today many clients want a firm that is focused on one specific area of the law and is the best at what they do. If your firm has a wealth of experience and knowledge dealing with a particular industry or issues, promote that. Focus on the areas in which you are most proficient and can distinguish yourself from your competition as you seek out new clients. This can pay several dividends. 1. Your competition will be at a disadvantage. 2. You can explain how your expertise can benefit any client. 3. It puts you in a class by yourself.

While using law firm case management software and having access to law initiative and Harvard Law School Case Management can all be of some value in retaining old clients and recruiting new ones, much more needs to be done. Even though you’re aware of the plans of UF Law to survey legal professions, you don’t have to wait for the results of the survey to know new clients is the life blood of any law firm.

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