4 Tips to Dealing with Legal Case Management in Immigration Cases


Dealing with Immigration Cases through a Legal Case Management Software

Immigration cases have posed a major headache to the judiciary system in recent years. This is because of an influx of immigrants from politically destabilized countries. In this light, the justice system requires new ways to deal with these cases. The call for changing the management of immigration cases has led UF law to survey legal professions. The study aims to comprehend practice management systems both on their use and the future possible trends; and to aid in the development of better-equipped and more efficient law firm case management software. The study will also go a great way in assisting law firms to make better and informed decisions on the law firm case management software. Below are four tips on how to deal with legal case management on immigration cases.

1. Digitalizing The Work Processes

Law firms have been forced to change tact when it comes to dealing with immigration cases. This has been brought about by factors that have necessitated the need for new technology to deal with these cases. These factors include stiffer competition among law firms as well as the entry into the industry by nontraditional law service providers. Thus, the law firms need to make some changes in their work process. One suggestion put forward will be to go paperless. This means the traditional system where all documents are filed and placed in cabinets is abolished. Instead, the law firms will invest in legal case management software under which all files will be stored in digital form. This will not only reduce the money needed to manage these firms, but also make the retrieval and storage of files faster. This will streamline the workflow and reduce the time consumed before cases are decided. This option, however, needs the legal case management software to be customized for such tasks.

2. Improving Project And Human Resource Management Processes

Law firms and courts should have a complete change in the management process if they are to better the ways they deal with immigration cases. The internal working processes need to be overhauled and new ones put in place in order to save the time taken to process applications. This will as well help them in saving money lost through loss of clients who are afraid of the amount of time the process takes. Also, the human management system needs to be improved to bring a positive impact on the workers. By integrating their legal case management software with the human resource department, the law firms will be able to achieve maximum productivity from their employees as well as avoid the loss of productive employees due to dissatisfaction. This will help in saving money that is usually lost during recruitment of new employees. In this regard several key aspects i.e. relationships between managers and employees, salaries and other benefits will need to be evaluated by the Human Resource team and worked on.

3. Outsourcing Expertise

This is a great idea especially for firms that cannot afford to have full-time employees to do specific tasks that may need specialization. One of the areas where it is recommended to source for one-time employees is in accounting. Since accounting records do not have to be reported on a daily basis, it is more economical to outsource the service. The money saved can then be channeled to improve the legal case management. Also, it is important to have experts in the field of technology to manage your legal case management software. These experts are able to identify loopholes in the system and mend them accordingly. In this way, the law firms will have information on all their clients in one place and help in any follow up that might be required in future. The judiciary through the courts can also benefit by only having qualified personnel be involved in the immigration cases. They should only consider people with at least a legal assistant certificate. This measure will be achieved through the intervention of the director of state courts. 

4. Adopting Strategies Well Suited To The 21st Century

Both courts and law firms need to come up with new strategies to tackle the current conditions in the immigration cases process. For example, law firms that deal with immigration cases should invest in software that provide an online platform where client cases can be registered. This will be in line with the needs of the current generation of tech-savvy people. Also, the courts should allow witnesses to give testimonies by video conferencing. This will help the courts in reducing the time taken for witnesses to attend trials as they will be able to do so via video.

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