4 Pieces of Advice for Law School Students

Advice for Aspiring Attorneys

For aspiring attorneys and students attending law school, courses can be difficult. The concepts just are not sticking, time to ask for help and see what is available. Perhaps the courses are easy, law school is a breeze – in that ideal case, perhaps a handy internship would be better suited. Regardless of what stage of school the student is at, or which law program attending – various opportunities abound. The following four tips are expressly for law school students, four precious gems of wisdom for students. Here are four pieces of advice for law school students, and what to do next once you have accepted it.

1. Do things the Harvard way

Follow the precedent of Harvard Law School Case Management, use the legal case management software that Harvard caliber students use, they track time with Time Matters. As reported by the college website, Harvard law students are advised to use Time Matters for client, case and document management. With such a high-caliber ringing endorsement, Time Matters, a top law firm case management software pick, must be an exceptional law school case management software tool. It is a type of practice management software, operates on Windows and manages functions such as calendaring, email, documents, research, billing, and accounting.

2. For students struggling with law studies – tutoring

Law school tutoring services can turn a struggling student into a successful student. Grow and engage with interaction from a human. Companies offer personal and private tutoring options, the Law School Toolbox was formed in 2012, designed to assist struggling students – making it a simplified experience. When users participate in the Toolbox program they have access to:

• Complimentary law school guides
• Law School Toolbox blog
• Popular School Podcast
• Workshop called Start Law School Right
• Personal, face-to-face, one-on-one law school tutoring

If the Law School Toolbox is not for you, LAWTUTORS also offers tutoring, explicitly for students of law in all states. LAWTUTORS is a comprehensive educational platform capable of assisting in almost any topic offered at law schools. The program emphasizes two main areas, research & writing, and issue-spotting & exams.

Research & Writing: Ultimately to succeed as a lawyer, as well as success in student life – writing skills, plus effective research habits could make or break you. How to draft proper legal memoranda is covered as well as effective techniques
Issue Spotting & exams: Teaching students an discerning eye and the latest in scrutinizing techniques. LawTutors has perfected proven standards that educate students, teaching them to master exam writing and spot issues.

3. Consider externships or internship programs

Perhaps law school is going swimmingly, prime yourself for future legal network and plunge headfirst into an externship or internship. The experience will grow you as a student, putting you in the ideal position to meet mentors or respectable colleagues. The New York City Law Department is one association among many offering opportunities to enrolled students and graduates alike. The law school experiences include exciting choices for law school students, fall and spring semester externships, summer honors internships and student legal specialist positions. If freshly graduated from law school or engaged in Fundamentals of Law Practice, post law school offerings are equally delicious. Experiences that are available through the program post law school include:

• Entry-level Attorney Positions
• Corporation Counsel Honors Fellowship Program
• Post-Graduate Volunteer Positions

4. For the financial-minded law student, consider ways to increase efficiency while boosting law school profits

To increase efficiency and boost law school profits consider an affordable and accessible legal case management software option. Yes, free law firm case management software, just for law school students, GoMatters. In general, GoMatters offers first-time use an enticing introductory special, the opportunity to use a free trial version for a designated promotional time. For law school students, you receive free law firm case management software. Legal case management system instruction is a popular type of software, increasingly so. Businesses, consumers and law schools support the use and value of case management systems to real world law practice.

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