3 Ways To Show Your Clients That You Care


Show Your Clients That You Care As A Lawyer

Law firm case management software is the beginning of a customer service policy that you must enact within your practice as soon as possible. You will find that you get very nice results when you are using the access to law initiative and Longshore case management system to your advantage. Your practice will improve, and you may ensure the fundamentals of law practice are adhered to. This article explains how you may offer the finest customer service to your clients, and each step will give them the confidence that they need to continually rehire you for all their important cases.

#1: Customer Care Phone Calls Through Law Firm Case Management Software


You must take customer calls through the system to ensure that you have access to all your clients. They will contact you regularly because they want to know how their case is going, and must give them as much attention as possible to ensure they are happy. You will find that many clients have fears that you may manage quickly simply because they had a short phone call with you.


Customer service calls are important when you are giving updates, and it is wise to ensure that you have asked your clients when they would like updates. You may schedule daily or weekly calls, and you will find that they are pleased to speak to you on a regular basis. Your clients are much happier with the service they receive, and they are no longer concerned about the case because you gave them real-time information.


#2: Remember The Holidays


Legal case management software will help you create a large calendar that may be used with your staff, and everyone on your client list will be sent emails and phone calls over holiday seasons. You may wish your clients a happy holidays in the winter, and you may reach out to them for other special holidays during the year. Wishing your clients a safe holiday is a way to stay in-contact with them when they are not actively in the midst of a case.


You may do the same for clients who are in active cases, and you will give them a lifting of the spirits that will be helpful to them. They want to know for a fact that you remembered at this particular time of year, and they will be pleased to know that you took the time to say something.


You may go so far as sending gift baskets or gift certificates over the winter holidays, and you may give gifts based on their religious beliefs. Taking the extra step to notate in your legal case management software if your clients celebrate Christmas, Ramadan or Hanukkah will go quite a long way to engraciating yourself to them. They will appreciate the thought, and they will stay with your firm because you respected their beliefs.


#3: Study And Learn Your Clients


You must take copious notes in the law firm case management software program, and you will find that there are a number of different people who are involved in the lives of your clients. You may learn about these people as you speak to your clients, and it is wise to ask about them as often as you can. Your clients will be impressed that you remembered, and they will feel refreshed because they may talk about people in their lives that matter to them.


The next step in the process is to ask in anyone in your client’s life who is involved in the case. You must get to know their friends and family, and you will find that it is much easier to learn about your clients when you are showing them this courtesy. They will feel respected because you want to know about them, and you will gain a working knowledge of their interpersonal dynamics. You will notice how simple it is to ensure that you have learned how your clients act around others, and this may be quite helpful when you are in court or pleading their case to a jury.


You will find that your clients feel much more comfortable around you because you have learned so much about them, and they will be happy to come back to your office many times over because they have been given the service and respect they deserve. You are showing your clients that they are more than case numbers to you, and you are making an emotional investment in people who will help your practice grow.


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