3 Ways to Please Your Legal Clients Financial Concerns


Learning Your Client’s Financial Concerns

When an attorney decides to take on someone as a client, they sometimes run into things that are not covered in their legal case management software. One of them is the client’s financial concerns. People involved in a legal matter can have a number of financial concerns that are bothering them. Unless these concerns are properly and promptly addressed, it may be difficult for them to do their best to help their attorney get the information they need to handle the case effectively. A client dogged by financial worry may find it difficult to provide accurate information or to even focus on their case.

Common Client Financial Concerns

Every client comes into a case with unique financial baggage. While your law firm case management software can help you with many things, dealing with clients’ financial concerns isn’t one of them. Experienced attorneys develop effective strategies over the course of their careers that enable them to adequately address their clients financial concerns. Some of the common money worries with which lawyers are sometimes called upon to help their clients include:

1. Paying For Medical Care
2. Covering Household Expenses
3. Repairing Or Replacing Vehicles And Other Property
4. Paying Their Legal Costs

Find Effective Solutions

Whether you have spent years in a Florida State University law practice or recently got your advanced diploma in legal project management, seeing a client struggle with financial concerns on top of their legal issues can be difficult. However, if an attorney is to be successful practicing law, they must be able to come up with practical solutions to problems like these. Finding those solutions may require both careful consideration of the client’s financial situation and drawing on the knowledge and other types of resources to which the attorney has access.

Some Solutions To Clients’ Financial Concerns

Fee Structures

Finding a solution to a client’s concern about paying their legal cost is something that is relatively simple for an attorney to address and give the client peace of mind. They attorney can offer them several fee payment options from which to choose depending on the nature of their case. The payment method cash-strapped clients tend to prefer is a contingency fee payment structure. This means the lawyer waits until the case is over and gets an agreed upon percentage of any settlement the client receives. This works best in personal injury cases. The attorney can also charge a flat fee for their services and create a payment schedule with which the client is comfortable.

Cash Advances

Some law firms are willing to provide cash advances to their clients if they are certain they will win the case. The money is then deducted from the settlement the client receives when the case is over. There are also several organizations which provide cash advances to people involved in lawsuits. The amount of money they are willing to give the client depends on the amount the client anticipates they’ll receive in their settlement. Although this is not covered in any law firm case management software, it is possible for the attorney to provide some guidance and support to the client in connecting to one of these organizations. The attorney should make it clear to their clients that those are for-profit organizations that will pay them far less than the value of their case.

Help From Non-Profit Sources

Depending on the nature of the client’s financial situation and the reason for their financial concerns, it may be possible for the attorney to give them help in finding help paying their bills. That help could be something as simple as providing them with a list of organizations like the United Way, St. Vincent De Paul and others that give people help with paying their bills. While this approach may not be outlined in the legal case management software, it is a simple way an attorney can help a client address their financial concerns.

All the issues which attorneys face are not covered in legal case management software or a differentiated case tracking program. Contrary to public opinion, attorney’s are usually caring human beings that have their client’s best interest at heart. Occasionally helping their clients requires the attorney to make creative use of the resources to which they have access.

For many clients, being involved in a legal matter makes it difficult to think clearly. Often there are simple solutions to their financial concerns, but they’re too stressed to recognize them. A good attorney can often help them see those solutions.

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