3 Ways to Impress Your Clients


Offer Your Clients More Than Your Competitor Can

Law firms are facing a significant amount of competition from other firms and may have a hard time impressing clients who are focused on the billable rate that they are being charged above and beyond any other aspect of the legal service that is being provided. Differentiating yourself from the competition is challenging and requires quick thinking and providing your clients with a superior level of service. Here are three ways to impress your client by doing and offering more for them than the competition may be able or willing to offer.

Provide them with Concise Information on their Case

Clients want to make sure that the lawyers assigned to their case are paying close attention and doing their best to get a favorable outcome for their case. A client that receives concise information on the status of their case at any given moment will likely feel appreciation towards the close care that they are receiving from your law firm. Legal case management software can help your law firm to organize the current state of your case, the challenges facing the case, the upcoming events and major rulings for and against your case, and other information about your case as needed.

Information that is well organized and readily available can also help the law firm make educated decisions regarding the best course of action for the lawyers to take and can thus receive a more favorable outcome. Improved organization is the major benefit of a law firm case management software. Information that may take a long time to obtain is neatly organized so that a lawyer on the case can quickly read through case notes in the legal case management software and provide updates to the clients. Highlighted bullet points of major issues and upcoming events are easily available in the law firm case management software and help lawyers make intelligent decisions and provide valuable feedback to wow their clients.

Provide them with Public Information on Completed Cases You Have Handled

If you have worked on legal cases on clients that were facing similar legal issues as they are you can provide the public information on these cases to truly impress your client. This can help to display how much expertise you have in the issues that they are facing. Legal case management software can help you to organize the data on similar cases you are facing.

Relevant information that might impress your clients include:

– The number of similar cases that you have faced
– The average outcome on these cases
– The average time to complete these cases
– How these cases were settled
– What factors were critical in the case outcome

Provide them with In Depth Knowledge of the Issues Impacting Their Legal Issues

Lawyers can help to impress their clients by providing them with information on cases that helped to establish the major laws that govern the issues they face. Information on the past precedence can help a lawyer to maneuver the case more effectively and to make more intelligent decisions. Providing past cases and articles from a variety of sources such as the New York City Law Department, Harvard Law School Case Management, and the Florida State University Law Practice, can all impress your clients. A case management software can help to provide relevant information to your clients.

Legal past precedence and information on their individual cases can be valuable information that can impress the law firm’s clients. However, to really impress your clients you will need to display that you have in depth knowledge of the area surrounding your case. Law firms can use legal case management software that allow the legal partner and staff to gain access to the critical issues that impact the industry and the major laws and litigation surrounding the case. From the more basic information the lawyers can drill down to more specialized information and greatly learn in depth knowledge on the legal issues. This can be truly impressive for a client who will start to view the law firm as an area expert.

Ultimately impressing your client involves providing them with more desirable services than the competition does. Understanding your clients, providing them with cases you have worked on, and the major legal issues surrounding them is made easier with legal case management software that allows you to manage and understand their case and the challenges that they are facing. Once you display that level of knowledge and intimacy with the various legal issues that they are facing you are more likely to wow your clients leaving them satisfied and likely to return for their future legal needs or to refer your law firm to their friends and associates.

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