3 Tips for a New Lawyer to Present Themselves as Successful


What Are Your Clients Looking For?


As a new lawyer, the field can often seem overwhelming. When people are searching for a lawyer, one of the first things many people look for is an attorney that has a longstanding history of successful cases. In addition, people often get word of mouth references, which can put new lawyers at a disadvantage. However, there is no reason to fear, new lawyers can easily use tried and true techniques to appear successful and to ultimate be successful and earn the trust of new clients.


Let the potential client know you know what you are doing. Let them know that while The Director of State Courts is ultimately responsible to oversee the processes and by utilizing approved law firm case management software, you have the latest and greatest of processes in place. Don’t be afraid to be genuine with clients.


Here are Three Key Tips to Present Yourself as Successful When you are Starting in the Field of Law:


  1. Have the Right Tools in Place


When considering an attorney, much of the hesitancy from potential clients comes from not fully understanding the process. What does it mean to hire an attorney? How does billing work? How do I know the cost? What is the process? Dissuade these fears by letting clients know that you utilize a full legal case management software that automates the process from start to finish.

  1. Market Yourself


In the field of law, your name is your career. Simply because you are still in the process of making that name, doesn’t mean there isn’t a need to market yourself now. Consider exactly what you bring to the table. There may be things you are offering that lawyers with a 30-year career are not offering. Here are a few simple ways to market yourself and what you can offer to your clients:

  • Showcase your Knowledge. As a recent graduate you are most up to date on the latest and most cutting edge information on what is happening in the field of law.
  • Network! Get out there and network. Bring your card and meet people in your city. Anyone can be in need of a lawyer, just because someone isn’t looking now doesn’t mean they won’t hang on to your card and call you in the future.
  • You know the tools. Because you are just starting out, you know the importance of utilizing modern technology to free up your time to work on bigger things. Let potential clients know you have the latest legal case management software, meaning you are fully digital.
  • Seek out testimonials. These can be testimonials from past professors or even colleagues you have worked with. Use them on your biography page of your firm’s website.
  • Let them your know firm has the tech. Law firm case management software can make any case flow smoother. Don’t be afraid to boast on your firm’s technology such as Longshore Case Management System or another highly reputable system.


  1. Leverage the Work You Have Done


Even if you are fresh out of school, you still have done some work, whether it is a summer internship or a mock trial, you can still leverage your work. Don’t be afraid to let potential clients know that because you are a newer attorney, you work more diligently. From an online law school to The Harvard Law School Case Management courses, each graduate has recently taken courses that focus on time, document and case management, an advantage you have over those who may have been in the field longer.


Finally, don’t be afraid to showcase your skills confidently. Whether it be your success in law school, or your early successes, or the fact that you offer clients a streamlined process with your sleek legal case management software, ensure them you are on the cutting edge of law and will work to meet their needs to your full capacity.


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