3 Tips on Earning Positive Reviews About Your Firm

How to Get Good Testimonials

Are you hoping to gain more positive reviews for your law firm? Are you hurting because you’ve recently acquired one to many negative reviews? Do you want to instill confidence in your current and future clients?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then read on to learn more about how you can use law firm case management software and better customer service to achieve your results!

Law firms throughout the country deal with many of the same issues involved in customer service, organization and professional communications with clients. It’s difficult to keep a client happy at times — but there is an easy way to do it. This guide includes three expert tips to get you started–with prove results to follow.

Here’s how to get started with earning more positive reviews for your law firm:

Tip #1: Establish Timely Communications

No client wants to feel they are being left out in the cold — and this is elevated when a legal case is at hand and money is on the line. One way you can make sure that a client feels that you are invested is to make sure you are corresponding with the client regularly. Not matter whether they are paying a small or large retainer to your firm — make sure you are answering their questions quickly and efficiently. Let them know you see them as a valued client and address their needs.

Tip #2: Invest in Law Firm Case Management Software

If you want to make sure you are staying organized with multiple cases and the myriad research management and citation details connected to your cases, then consider trying a legal case management software in your office.

This platform helps you easily look up clients and their cases, quickly remind yourself of those details and respond to needs. It also helps you track what has been done on case, the invoices to the client and whether the client is paying on time. Get everything you need to know about an individual client all in one database. This also is extremely helpful when multiple colleagues are working on a case. Every person can see the most updated information all in one place — so you appear professional and communicative to your client.

It’s true that this system may come at a cost to your firm, but it is well worth the investment if you are able to track your cases and provide the most accurate and professional information to them. There is nothing like awareness to build confidence in your client — and ultimately to produce better overall reviews of your firm.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to Your Customer Service

Many people think it’s just the lawyers in a firm who help to secure the clients. That’s not the case. You need to make sure every front-facing employee has been trained to provide exceptional customer service. That means everyone from the administration assistants who answer the phones, the paralegals who provide case information and the receptionists who greet the clients in the office.

Provide proper customer service training for your employees so that at every point in the chain of command, your client feels they are being addressed in a professional manner and are getting the results they want. Also, create a protocol for troubleshooting grievances among clients. If you are able to handle a customer service issue well, encourage your clients to fill out a client experience survey so that you continually know what is working and what your firm will need to work upon.

If the review is a good one, use it on your website to further underscore the value and service you provide to every client who walks through your door!

Are You Ready to Make a Change for Your Law Firm?

With a few changes — including investing in an economical law firm case management software system or a legal case management software s system — you’ll be on your way to not only impressing your clients but your future clients and colleagues. From the director of state courts to the Legal Information Institute to the client who needs help with a civil case, you’ll be impressed with the positive reviews you begin receiving with just a little tweaking to your law firm’s approach. Bulk up your organization, correspondence and customer service — and you’ll be on your way to seeing better reviews and more clients!

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