3 Main Reasons Why Clients Are Unhappy


Why You Need Your Clients


You can’t run a successful business without clients. Client satisfaction is important in the legal profession. When you offer satisfactory legal services, you might get more business through referrals. What’s more, your old clients will keep coming back, so you’ll benefit from repeat business. There are several ways to make sure that you provide your clients with the best services. However, not all of them will be happy because of many reasons. As a legal professional, it’s imperative that you understand these reasons. This might enable you to know the right way of handling your clientele. The following are 3 reasons why legal clients aren’t happy:


  • Incompetence and unprofessionalism
  • Cost and Billing
  • Conflict with the staff or other partners

  1. Incompetence


Most people opt for other legal firms because they consider their current attorneys to be incompetent. Organizations offering legal services should make sure that everyone working with them is fully skilled, knowledgeable and experienced. The staff should be skilled enough to operate law firm case management software. A client may deem you incompetent for several reasons. Maybe your communication isn’t customer-friendly. Never argue with the client. Always make a point of helping them understand the purpose of your actions. Additionally, be sure to resolve their complaints amicably.


People are social beings, so they feel the need to rely information regularly. If an individual calls your for legal advice, they expect you to answer their call. If they email you, they expect a reply within a certain timeframe. Delayed responses can frustrate clients, thereby making them unhappy.


Other reasons that might make your client think you’re incompetent include poor negotiation skills, dishonesty, lack of commitment and unethical practice. The best way to fix these issues is to start by apologizing for inconveniencing the client. This step will help you earn the client’s trust. When making your apology, it’s advisable to meet up with the client and deliver the apology in person. It’s also wise to inform them about your level of experience to avoid misunderstandings in future. Be honest with your clientele. Don’t try to impress them with false information. Legal case management software can help you produce accurate data. It’s up to the clients to decide whether they’ll hire your or not.

  1. Cost and billing


In business, services and products have a price. Sometimes, however, the pricing is exaggerated or high. Your customers might leave you for your competitors if they think your legal services are expensive. Most clients have a wrong perception of lawyers. They think that most legal professionals are always looking for reasons to charge their clients more money. As an attorney, it’s your job to demystify this myth. Break down the details of the case using law firm case management software.


Many a time, people complain about the rates offered by law firms because they don’t know the actual value of the legal services. This makes them unhappy, even though it’s somewhat their fault. Nonetheless, you can explain to them what they’re paying for. Take them through all the benefits of your services. Before increasing the fees, inform your clients about your intentions. This is the kind of transparency that people look for when they’re hiring law firms. Your actions should correspond to your rates. You must make sure that you offer quality services. In addition, use legal case management software to organize your work.


  1. Conflict with the staff


Conflict happens from time to time. However, our methods of dealing with the conflict are what matter the most. Most attorneys and paralegals are ignorant of the fact that disagreements are bad for business. Disputes can taint the reputation of your business. Consequently, clients will leave you for other legal firms. There are several ways that a conflict may arise. For instance, an attorney may be overly sarcastic in his/her response. Although the intentions of the lawyer might be clean, it’s not guaranteed that the client won’t feel offended. Legal professionals should always be careful with their words and actions. Any form of disrespectful behavior will make the client unhappy.


Researchers from University Of Georgia found out that some professionals lack empathy. According to the findings of the study, clients prefer to work with experts who see things from their perspective. The University of Georgia researchers concluded that it’s important to practice empathy at work. South Dakota Odyssey case management can be easy if law firms use legal case management software. If your client isn’t happy working with a member of your law firm, it would be wise to assign them another legal professional. Have a discussion with your team about the best ways to handle disputes involving the client. Make sure that they handle their work with discipline, or else they’ll ruin your reputation.


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